A splendid thing once happened to me
It first started because i was unable to see
Every worst nightmare, that I ever knew
Started to happen to me, things got so bad
I even went to my dad

Just when I felt nothing could get worse
Several more things happened
I was ready for my hurst.
The pain I had just ripped my soul away
The pain is so bad, it’s not allowed to say
You feel it every second, each & every day

But out of nowhere your days get much worse
Nothing seems to help as you try many things
You throw your hands up and yell out to God
Just to see if there is any type of offering

You hear nothing back like several times B4
So you scream out to God, “Just take me away!”
& soon you realize your screams are now begs
& you’ve begged for death for so many days
You can’t live 1 more day with this intolerable pain

Sure, I’ve heard the story a time or two
The amount of times i’ve heard this one is more like 7×9
Each time I heard it I always had some doubts
The story is God comes, and helps us out
When it’s needed at the absolute most
He comes to you & makes His presence known
Which eliminates any & all of your doubt

You somehow know to hold on tight
& in no time you’re off on a ride called Life
While feeling new things going on in your insides
You start to wonder what this is all about
& at that moment something great pops out

You’re finally able to open 1 eye
It’s a miracle you’re now able to see
You realize it’s actually the 1st time
It gets much better since you’re able to see
The 1st thing you notice as you cracked an eye
Is God took you away from where you once were
He even puts at the exact place you need to be
There’s a few things that you’re ready to see

At the end a few may receive a special key
To unlock a gift they once seen.
The gift has power as big as a cruise ship
You felt its power the day you received it
With your eyes now wide you want to shout
‘I am special, I have a gift, I figured it out!’

That intolerable numbing pain is taking away
Your start to realize why it was needed.
Things make sense like never before
You’ve been blessed by God as if u hit a big score

But then start to wonder if your gift will work
it involves someone that was once purposely hurt
But then a smile is on your face
You have God with you and you can see

He can take them where they need to be
And show them what they need to see
I know that will be done, but only if need be
Because their message that they are to receive
Has been the same since the beginning
And the message is to be sent through me


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